123 GIF/JPG Optimizer

- An easy way to optimize and compress your GIF/JPG images.

What is 123 GIF/JPG Optimizer?

Confused about your GIF/JPG images? Now, you can use 123 GIF/JPG Optimizer to compress your GIF/JPG images. It is a nice utility you can use to easily optimize GIF or JPG/JPEG graphics for your Website. It can reduce your graphics' filesize effectively to make your web pages load faster!


123 GIF/JPG Optimizer Screenshot 123 GIF/JPG Optimizer Screenshot


  • Easy to use - You don't have to have a degree in imaging to get good results, just press a button!
  • Powerful - Lossless compression for GIF image and adjust JPG/JPEG quality by a trackbar.
  • Intelligent - Auto-backup option can backup your original images automaticly.
  • Built-in Image Browser - View original and worked images with a convenient and familiar window.

GIF Image Sample

File size reduction 65%. And it's a lossless compression.

  • Before Optimization (File size:8.17KB)

  • After Optimization (File size:2.88KB)

JPG Image Sample

  • Image 1. Original Image.
    File Size: 55.5 KB

  • Image 2. Compressed Image.
    Compression Ratio: 1%
    File Size: 33.9 KB
    File Size Reduction: 39%

  • Image 3. Compressed Image.
    Compression Ratio: 16%
    File Size: 11.2 KB
    File Size Reduction: 80%

  • Image 4. Compressed Image.
    Compression Ratio: 72%
    File Size: 4.96 KB
    File Size Reduction: 92%